New Panel for Rheem and other Tankless Water Heater Termination Kits 


The BEST solution for Air Sealing
and Moisture Management


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Warning: All Quickflash® products maximum heat threshold is 160 °F. Quickflash® products are combustible and should be protected from flame and other high heat.

Download Our Electrical
Cross Reference Sheet .PDF here.


Quickflash® Installation is Quick and Easy

QuickFlash Products

Make an incision into the WRB
with a utility knife plus 1/4″.

QuickFlash Products

Slide the Quickflash panel
under the WRB and over penetration.

QuickFlash Products

Tape left and right seams with
self-adhered flashing tape.

QuickFlash Products

Tape top seam with
self-adhered flashing tape.


Quickflash® Works with ALL Claddings


Benefits of Using Quickflash®